Stéphane Bucco, the graphicartist, internationally renowned as Sockho, has created STRING REPUBLIC in 2004 to illustrate what happens when graphic arts and daily life merge. After renowned exhibitions and collaborations, Stéphane wants to find new Material supports of creation. Like the designers of the 50’s, STRING REPUBLIC wants to enhance products and make them more beautiful. And Stéphane likes to quote Raymond Loewy who said that “ugly things sell badly”. Nowadays... useful things sell badly. The amazing revival of the flip flops and the clogs remind him of the espadrilles his grand-father used to offer him every summer when he was a kid. The concept is born; see an old product like the espadrille differently! The espadrille is given as an anachronistic material support to about thirty of the greatest international grafic artists, who evolve in very different aesthetic universes.

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